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Sticky Toffee Pudding for two

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    Ahhh, our incredible Sticky Toffee Pudding. Lily’s absolute favourite dessert from her ten years living in the UK. We’re SO proud of our Solid Stash plant based version - also known as: our to-die-for, “fancy” dinner party/Christmas dessert for two.⁠🥰

    ALSO known as: a super-gooey flavour bomb of sticky date cake (with lots of warming spices like cinnamon and ginger) drizzled with a warm light syrup of spices and citrus.⁠ A true new classic on your festive table.

    Sounds amazing, right? It is!!

    For the ultimate sticky toffee pudding experience, we absolutely recommend you serve your cake nice and warm (the microwave works best for this one), and accompany it by a scoop of wonderful ice cream for temperature contrast and creaminess.⁠

    Now get ready to be transported to heaven (& the sofa). 🤩⁠

    • One package contains two slices of sticky toffee date cake 
    • Vegan, lactose-free, plant based, soy-free
    • Allergens: gluten, nuts, nutmeg (but may contain traces of all allergens)
    • Heat (straight from frozen) in the microwave in 90 seconds (recommended) or in the oven on 160 degrees in 10 minutes.


    Instructions for preparations:

    Microwave (recommended):

    Remove packaging & put cake and pears on (a) microwave-proof dish(es). Heat in microwave for 90 seconds & check if piping hot throughout. Otherwise: heat again in 30 second intervals until completely hot. Eat immediately.


    Remove packaging & put cake on an ovenproof dish. Heat in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes & check if piping hot throughout. Otherwise: heat again in 2 minute intervals until completely hot. Eat immediately. 


    How to serve:

    Serve your gooey sticky toffee pudding and poached pears nice and warm on your nicest dessert plate with a little fork. 

    For extra bonus points, why not add a scoop of (vegan) vanilla ice cream?


    How to store your Solid Stash:

    Please make sure your Solid Stash goes straight into the freezer without delay after delivery/collection, and that it is stored at maximum -18° C at all times. Ensure it remains frozen and at a steady temperature during transport (which should be as short as possible), and utilise appropriate cooling kit for this. Once defrosted eat within 24 hours and do not refreeze. Consume within 6 months after preparation date.


    Typical ingredients:
    Subject to change - please refer to product label for exact list.

    Unsweetened almond milk (water, almonds (2.3%), Calcium (Tri-calcium phosphate), Sea salt, Stabilisers (Locust bean gum, Gellan gum), Emulsifier (Lecithins (Sunflower)), Vitamins (B2, B12, E, D2)), dried dates (dates, glucose syrup, preservative (E202)), self-raising flour (wheat), brown sugar, flax seeds, lemon & orange peel, baking soda, salt, ground ginger, star anise, cloves, nutmeg.

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