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Ovenhapjes Box 2023

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22 mouth-watering appetisers in five incredible flavours
100% vegan, 100% delicious
Artisanally crafted by hand and with a lot of love in our Brussels atelier
Delivered frozen to your home
1€ per box donated to The Red Cross

Ik heb deze ovenhapjes zonet 10 minuten op 180 graden in de airfryer gebakken en ik heb NOG NOOIT zo lekkere bladerdeeg goodness gegeten. Wauw! Mijn favoriet is mushroom pastry, maar ze zijn allemaal zo lekker dat ik ze zonet als avondeten binnenspeelde 🤫

- Amaury Van Kenhove

Well ... Thursday evening = a few gin tonics + ovenhapjes ... after a long and stressful day, I must say: thank you solid stash, this was just what I needed.

- Mieke

The ho-ho-ovenhapjes waren in trek tijdens het kerstfeest. Enorm van genoten! Het starter pack was ook heel fijn om te ontdekken. Ik ben fan.

- Anyonymous


🧀Mac no Cheese Bites: [NEW]

We’re very proud to present our brand-new, 5th anniversary special edition ovenhapje: the Extra Large, Luxury Mac No Cheese Bite! 🙌

Inspired by 🦞lobster mac and cheese🦞 (the undisputed, most decadent King of the Macs), we’ve truly elevated a simple dish to a Christmas-worthy appetiser.

Obviously no crustaceans were hurt during the preparation of this epic canapé. Instead, we cleverly used a variety of flavourings traditionally used together with lobster to give our plant based bites that luxurious je ne sais quoi for Christmas. Lemon! Dill! Horseradish! Seaweed! Cayenne!

… We’ve truly thought of everything to make this creamy little delight SPECTACULAR.

🍕Pizza Twists:

Layers of chewy puff pastry, tangy, rich tomato sauce, fresh basil pesto and @violife vegan mozzarella cheese under a sprinkle of oregano. We challenge you to stop eating these.


🌭Mini Cranberry Sausage Rolls:

When we put our savoury Neatloaf Burger filling with together with sweet cranberry compote and placed them inside a little bed of puff pastry, a long-standing favourite was born.


🍘Thai Peanut Curry Croquettes:

You know arancini (Italian risotto croquettes)? Yeah. Delicious, right? This is our Thai-inspired Christmas twist. Because when jasmine rice meets a creamy, peanutty Massaman curry and a crispy cornflake-coating, you know it’s amore.


🥟Mushroom, Truffle & Celeriac Pastries:

What could be more festive and Christmassy than creamy mushrooms, celeriac and truffle!? Right: creamy mushrooms, celeriac and truffle wrapped together into puff pastry. An adorable pillow of ovenhapjes-heaven.

Heat the Ovenhapjes directly in the oven while frozen. Not suitable for the microwave. | Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celcius. Place desired amount of ovenhapjes on (parchment-lined) oven rack & place in the center of the hot oven.

How long in the oven?

Start checking after 20 minutes if the appetizers are golden and hot (but depending on the oven / type of the ovenhapjes you are preparing, this can take up to 30-40 minutes). Let cool for 5 minutes before serving. Dig in!

As all our products, we deliver the Ovenhapjes to you frozen. That way you can order ahead and use it when you want!

We deliver all over Belgium, twice per week. Read here all about how delivery works!

Allergen info: contains soy, gluten, sulphites, celery, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, yeast, alcohol (but can contain traces of all allergens!)

Click here for a complete list of ingredients (in Dutch)

Depending on your appetite, one box can feed a wonderful spread of appetisers for two to four people.

The measurements of the ovenhapjes box are: 19 cm * 14 cm * 6 cm.

Roughly, if you have space in your freezer for two standard pizza boxes then you can fit about 4 ovenhpajes boxes!

For each Ovenhapjes box sold, 1€ goes to the Red Cross

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