Introducing our Support Gift Pack

Introducing our Support Gift Pack - Solid Stash

'I wish I could do something'

Since Solid Stash started, we have noticed that our customers often order our meals to help friends or family members through difficult times. We heard from people who have experienced difficult times and found our meals to be a practical form of support. The fact that our meals, made with so much love, can have such a big impact means a lot to us. We wanted to do more with this. Together with Studio paus, we created a gift that offers not only nourishment for the body, but also a warm hug for the soul: our Support Gift Pack.

What is the Support Gift Pack?

The Support Gift Pack is a combination of delicious vegan frozen meals and heartwarming words, images and objects, brought together by Solid Stash and Studio paus. The pack is designed to offer support to those who need it most.

What's in the Support Gift Pack?

Eight delicious vegan meals, carefully selected from our seasonal menu. Think creamy coconut dhal with sweet potato, a flavoursome Bolognese sauce, vol-au-vegan, and spicy pumpkin tajine. Just add your favourite side dish, such as rice or couscous, and within 10-15 minutes you will enjoy a nutritious and comforting meal. The package also includes two delicious frozen caramelised pineapple cupcakes.

Studio paus adds a tender touch to the Support Gift Pack with a box full of comforting words, images and objects. Inside, you will find a beautiful card with the message "I hold your heart", a label reminding you of the importance of "tenderness", and some of the finest dried flowers, elegantly tied together with luxurious fabric and fine ribbon. On the outside, you will find an enchanting photo of a serene water feature, accompanied by a handwritten, personal message from the person who gifted you the Support Gift Pack.

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