Ultra-real food, made by ultra-real people 👩‍🍳👨‍🌾🌎

Ultra-real food, made by ultra-real people 👩‍🍳👨‍🌾🌎 - Solid Stash
You may (or may not) have seen it pop up in the media, but lately there’s been a lot to do about so-called “ultra-processed foods” (*). And when that term pops up, “frozen meals” are very frequently mentioned in the same context as well. 
So: a little post to follow up on that! The last thing we want to do is judge anyone, or anything – we are not the food police. Hey: we definitely enjoy a machine-made, low-nutrient treat from time to time as well!

But: all that we wanted to let you know, is that our frozen meals at Solid Stash are not like that. 

• Our recipes are not painstakingly developed in some sterile lab in order to be as addictive as possible: they are 100% the same, nourishing meals that we love to feed to our own families and loved ones.  

• Our dishes are not mass-produced by robots in a huge anonymous factory, with the longest shelf-life and financial margins in mind: our (entirely human!) Brussels-based kitchen team hand-cooks everything exactly as you would at home, and with a whole lotta love as well. (Although, admittedly, our pots and pans are *a lot* bigger than yours!).

• Our ingredients do not undergo some weird treatment to “optimise” them from either an efficiency or cost perspective: we buy exactly the same fresh, high-quality produce that you would buy at your greengrocer’s or in the supermarket. Just in much bigger quantities: hello 120 kilos of fresh mushrooms when we make our Vol-au-Vegan!)
We even try to stay away from factory-made meat replacements: instead, we opt for lots of veggies, lentils, beans, nuts and soy when it comes to adding protein to our meals, or we make an effort to choose more natural, centuries-old protein sources like tofu, tempeh or artisanal seitan where applicable. 
Just like at our own home, we want everything to be as delicious as it possibly can be, so a typical store-bought, processed ingredient does regularly make an appearance in our recipes: ketchup, miso, soy sauce, soy or oat milk, plantbased cream… If you’ll ever find any E-numbers in our ingredient lists, we promise you: they’ll be limited to this!
So there you go. We just wanted to get that off our chest, and make one thing clear: Solid Stash, that’s artisanal quality, hand cooked, with the biggest love – for the product, and for you!

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