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Pilaf Rice (side dish for 2-3)

It’s rice, yeah, but taken to the next-next level. Indian-style!
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Side dish for two-three people (420g)
This is a side dish for two-three people. For a full meal, serve with an (Indian-style) main dish, like our Curry or Dhal.
Vegan. Plant-based. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Nut-free. Soy-free. Alcohol-free.
9-12 min in the microwave (or 30-40min in the oven)
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Buttery, fluffy rice that’s flavoured with deeply caramelised onions, comforting vegetable stock & a hint of earthy cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaf. Neutral enough to counterbalance those big flavours of your Indian-style main dish (e.g. our Indian Curry and/or Coconut Dhal), yet addictive enough for you to want to eat the whole thing on its own.

Additional information

Preparation: heat in the microwave (not on the stovetop) and stir every 2-3 minutes until piping hot throughout.

Key ingredients (check packaging for full list): water; long grain rice; onion; rapeseed oil; vegetable broth concentrate; sea salt; spices.


This dish contains no immediate allergens, however please note: may contain traces of all allergens.

Go ahead and serve this glorious bowlful of pilaf rice on its own! But if you want to go the extra mile, you can of course always add the following garnishes:

  • Freshly chopped herbs, e.g. coriander, mint, parsley or basil
  • Finely chopped chilli pepper
  • Crunchy fried onions
  • For an interesting colour contrast, sprinkle with nigella seeds (black onion seeds), black sesame seeds, or even a few cumin seeds (don’t go overboard with the latter!)
  • Wedges of lime
  • Bright pink slices of pickled red onion are a wonderful pop of colour and flavour contrast

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