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The Festive Menu (for Two)

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Pre-order only until 2/12/2022
Five pre-cooked courses (just heat up and plate!)
One menu royally feeds two people
100% vegan, 100% delicious
Allergens: see overview per dish in the Q&A below!
Delivered frozen to your home between 10 and 21 December
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The Festive Menu is our full option, fully plant-based, fully delicious, traditional festive menu.

Don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen?
Not sure what to cook?
... Or what to feed your vegetarian or vegan guests?
No stress! This year, for the first time, Solid Stash is bringing you a full option, fully plant-based, fully delicious, traditional festive menu. It will be even more delicious than your non-vegetarian alternative, we promise.
All the meals are frozen and pre-cooked, so your only job is to heat up and plate the dishes and that is your festive dinner sorted! 
So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your food and impress your guests - instead of slaving away in the kitchen.
Hurry: Orders for the Festive Menu close on 2 December!


    Of course! Let’s take a walk through our traditional Christmas sharing menu together, shall we? 🤗

    1. To start: our epic ovenhapjes! Twelve of them. In four varieties.

    2. And then: a gorgeous starter. Our elegant, agrodolce pumpkin caponata is a fireworks of flavours in your mouth: umami-rich roasted butternut, tomato and red onion, black olives and capers for saltiness, raisins for a touch of sweetness... A vibrant Christmas surprise that’ll blow your socks off with deliciousness. We recommend to pair it with some simple salad leaves (which can’t be frozen, sadly 😝), a squeeze of lemon, and maybe some toasted pine nuts!😋

    3. Next: soup! No traditional Christmas dinner is complete without a creamy, delicious soup - of course. Our Kohlrabi Cream is paired with a tangy walnut and watercress pesto... And mini bread rolls for dipping!

    4. On to the main… just like amazing cook (& Lily's Mama!) Marijke makes it every year - but in our Solid Stash vegan version.

    - The centre piece is a rich, glossy ragout with Le Seitanist's fantastic celeriac seitan, accompanied by mushrooms, carrots, aromatics and lllots of red wine.

    - On the side we've got caramelised endives, roasted apples with cranberry compote, and oven croquettes. And if THAT doesn't make you feel festive, we don't know what will!

    5. Our final stop: dessert! A slice of decadent, warm sticky toffee pudding (Lily's absolute favourite during her 9 years living in the UK) paired with a creamy, melting scoop of ice cream.

    … Time to swap that nice Christmas outfit for some comfortable pyjamas, don't you think? 😝

    One Festive Menu royally feeds two people. You can of course very easily double up to create a feast for four, six, eight... people.

    Of course you can also treat yourself, and enjoy the Festive Menu solo. A number of dishes are individually packaged, and the others (which are packaged for two people) you can enjoy for up to 24 hours after taking them out of the freezer. Yay: leftovers party!

    You will be able to choose one of the following Festive Menu delivery dates at checkout:
    * Saturday 10 December
    * Tuesday 13 December
    * Wednesday 14 December
    * Friday 16 December
    * Saturday 17 December
    * Wednesday 21 December

    Please note that these dates may fill up, so the sooner you place your order, the more dates you will have to choose from!

    We do home deliveries in alll of Belgium, baby :)

    We also have pickup points in Ghent, Brussels and Lokeren, if that suits you better.

    Read all about how delivery or pick-up works here!

    You will receive a print out with simple step-by-step instructions for preparation with your Festive Menu pack.

    You can also download a PDF of the instructions in Dutch or in English.

    As all our products, we deliver the Festive Menu to you frozen. That way you can order ahead and use it when you want!

    Read here all about how delivery works!

    In general, the Festive Menu includes all you need to cook up an amazing Christmas meal for two. Side dishes (bread rolls, oven croquettes, roasted apples, endives) and ice cream are included in the pack.

    However, please note that the Festive Menu does not include drinks.

    Optionally, we also recommend to get the following in the house to pimp the starter (Pumpkin Caponata):

    * Salad leaves

    * Pinenuts

    * A simple dressing with fresh lemon juice, good olive oil & some salt.

    The Ovenhapjes Box 2022 includes 20 ovenhapjes, in five varieties.

    The Festive Menu for Two includes 12 ovenhapjes, in three or four varieties.

    So if you would like to try all of this year's Ovenhapjes, we heartily recommend getting a (couple of) Ovenhapjes Box(es) as well!

    Here is an overview of the allergens per dish that is included in the Festive Menu.

    Please note that our kitchen is not an allergen-free zone: traces of all allergens may be present in all our dishes.

    - Ovenhapjes: soy, gluten, sulfites, celery, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, yeast, alcohol (evaporated)

    - Caponata (starter): sulfites

    - Soup & pesto: soy, celery, nuts

    - Bread rolls: gluten, yeast

    - Ragout: gluten, soy, celery, sulfites, alcohol (evaporated)

    - Croquettes: gluten

    - Apples: soy

    - Endives: soy

    - Sticky toffee pudding: gluten, nuts, nutmeg

    - Ice cream: to be confirmed