Lily in the Flair Vegan Special

Lily in the Flair Vegan Special - Solid Stash

We are beyond proud to have been featured over two (!) whole pages in Flair's very first vegan special! 

In this interview & photo reportage, Solid Stash founder Lily talks about how she grew up eating very traditionally Flemish "gourmand" dishes, and how she (thanks to partner Monne!) discovered an entirely new, more sustainable world of deliciousness in the vegan cuisine... And ended up completely changing her lifestyle & building a whole, successful food business from it!


Take a look at the whole Flair interview by wonderful journalist Kaatje De Coninck by clicking this link.


... And because we know you love a nice little *extra*, here's some bonus images by the incredibly talented photographer Laura Vleugels that didn't make it into the magazine (but we absolutely love them anyway), as well as a few behind the scenes from the shoot that our lovely intern Kawthar took:


* More photos by Laura Vleugels for Flair: 



* Some behind the scenes shots by our intern Kawthar: 





P.S.: The dish that Lily is enjoying in the pictures? That's our all-time favourite, of course: the Umami Bomb Bolognese!


P.P.S.: Special thanks to the lovely people at Sezane for Lily's gorgeous dress and shirt

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