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In some of our Solid Stash dishes (such as our Bolognese, Lasagna, or Vol-au-Vegan), alcohol (like wine or sherry) is added as a primary ingredient during the cooking process.

Other dishes (e.g. the Grain Bowl, Pub Pie & Neatloaf Burgers) contain alcohol as a secondary ingredient: it is a by-product in e.g. the mustard, miso or vinegar that we add to some of our recipes.

If you are pregnant or want to avoid alcohol, please rest assured: all alcohol in all our dishes evaporates during the cooking process, so they are all perfectly safe for you to consume. 

However, some customers (e.g. some members of the Muslim community) may still want to avoid consuming products in which alcohol was used as a primary and/or secondary ingredient during the cooking process (whether it is evaporated or not).

So here you can find the full list of dishes for which no alcohol at all was used in the cooking process: not as a primary ingredient, nor as a secondary ingredient (*).


(*) Please note: if you are fine with consuming dishes that contain alcohol as a secondary ingredient, we recommend that you have a look at the allergens listed in the bullet points at the top of the individual product pages. There we mention clearly if any alcohol is used, and also if it is used as a secondary ingredient.