ISO800, a vital partner of Solid Stash, brings a dynamic visual strategy to the table with his exceptional photography. Top-notch visual content and a commitment to quality and flexibility makes them an ideal partner for Solid Stash, capturing the essence of our vegan meals and the spirit of our brand.

Chez Mariette

Chez Mariette, a key partner of Solid Stash, is a celebrated vegan bakery and Instagram sensation, known for its exquisite plant-based pastries. Founded by Marieke Wyns, Chez Mariette has earned acclaim, including "Best Pastry & Sweets" at the Belgian Vegan Awards 2023. This collaboration with Solid Stash brings together Chez Mariette's renowned handcrafted cinnamon rolls, available for delivery, with Solid Stash's commitment to delicious, sustainable dining. Together, they're redefining the appeal of plant-based eating, proving it's not just sustainable and healthy, but irresistibly tasty. This partnership marks a significant step towards a future rich in sustainable, delightful vegan options.

Studio Paus

Studio Paus, co-creator of the Support Gift Pack, blends creativity with compassion. Founded by MΓ©lanie Goethals and Niels Van Couter, Studio Paus is renowned for capturing poignant words and images in their store in Ghent and online. Their carefully curated collection, respectful of our shared world, includes gifts that touch both the eye and the heart. From beautiful cards with moving messages to meticulously selected dry flowers, each item from Studio Paus is a tribute to tenderness and personal care. Their contribution to the Support Gift Pack, a box filled with comforting words and objects, reflects their commitment to providing support in tough times.

Lijstjestijd is an online platform with a free app to create and share with friends/family. This platform offers the possibility to also compile birth lists with complete freedom. For example, you can also add second-hand items, a donation for charity or a gift to your list. And of course a maternity package from Solid Stash ;)

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