Are your meals suitable for kids / the whole family?
What about allergens?
Can I choose the meals in my combo?
What allergens are there in the Combo Packages?
How long will my Stash last?
How do I dispose of the packaging
Do I need to add anything to get a full meal?
Are your meals spicy?
Will my order fit in my freezer?
Are all your products frozen?
Can I get a VAT invoice?
Are your meals Halal / what about alcohol?
How does delivery work?
When will my order arrive?
What if my plans change and I won't be home?
The courier passed by and I wasn't at home, what now?
Do I need to be home all day to accept the order?
Can the courier leave the package at the door?
How much does delivery cost?
Do you deliver to my city/town and when?
Can you deliver my package in the morning / the afternoon / the evening?
What if I am not home for the re-delivery?
How can I contact DPD Fresh directly?
How does pickup work?
How long will my order stay at the pickup point?